The Velomedix System is an automated system which manages fluid delivery to the patient to precisely and rapidly cool patients to a therapeutic temperature. The system maintains the temperature for the desired period, gently warms the patient at a metered rate after cooling, and removes the fluid from the patient. It was designed to perform these functions automatically, while requiring only minimal medical staff supervision. The system has the flexibility to be used in various hospital departments and the mobility to easily be moved with the patient from one department to another.

The system includes the following items:

  • Controller – an automated, durable piece of equipment which controls the fluid temperature, delivery, and removal. Its user interface provides visual and textual instructions that simplifies the setup, supervision, and completion of the treatment.
  • Rotational Access Cannula – a threaded cannula which is used to safely and quickly gain access to the peritoneal cavity
  • Peritoneal Catheter – a proprietary, disposable, multi-lumen catheter which is inserted into the peritoneal cavity to introduce and circulate fluid within the cavity
  • Tubing Set – a proprietary, disposable device which is installed into the controller and facilitates fluid transfer between the Peritoneal Catheter and the Controller


Caution: Investigational device in the United States. Limited by Federal (United States) law to investigational use.

Velomedix APLS Indication For Use: The Velomedix Automated Peritoneal Lavage System (APLS) is intended to induce, maintain, and reverse mild hypothermia to treat patients with ST elevated myocardial infarction (STEMI) by controlling the body’s core temperature at a desired target level by lavaging the peritoneal cavity with temperature-controlled fluid.